Sugar & Satire // Josie Vorenkamp

Hi. I'm Josie. Welcome to this little piece of the world wide web, where I share all my deepest and darkest secrets. Just kidding. Kind of.

I created Sugar & Satire as a place where I can publish the essays I write in my free time, as well as develop and share the recipes I've been working on. What you'll find here is a mix of comedy and seriousness, because I'm an agent of chaos. I've got a tendency to overshare, and that's probably a problem. But either way, you might like reading the stuff I write, so you won't mind.

I'm a freelance television producer living in Los Angeles, but I'll never name the projects I work on on this blog. All of the content (including thoughts and opinions) on this blog is my own, unless credited otherwise. If I've mis-credited anything you see here, please let me know. 

If you're interested in working with me, or you just wanna say hey shoot me an email:

sugarandsatireblog [at] gmail [dot] com

Any food photo posted after 11/30/2015 was taken using a Nikon D5000 and using natural light.

As of 2016 all of my recipes are vegan friendly.

The better looking photos of me were taken by Caitlin Noah & Brianna Brennan. 

My stellar logo was created by Precious Beast.



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