6 Things You Definitely Don't Need From Anthropologie


Look, I get it. Having expensive things makes you feel glamorous. And we all work hard so sometimes a little splurge is deserved.

I've impulse bought some things that probably weren't worth the money I spent. Like that Kate Spade mug I purchased just because it said the word cake on it. Or the 8 jars of flavored, artisan peanut butter that I absolutely had to have but haven't touched in 3 months. Or my gym membership (R.I.P beach bod). So I understand. I've been there. I mean like in your headspace, not the gym. I haven't been there in like 7 months.

I actually like having money to feed myself, so I'm limited to only window shopping at stores like Free People and Bloomingdales. And definitely at Anthroplogie, a rather pricey clothing and home store. I'm happy I can't justify spending money there because I think they have some very beautiful pieces and their online styling is lovely. But if you take a really good look at their merchandise you kind of start to realize that shopping at Anthropologie is essentially like shopping at a very expensive garage sale. Like they've got bins of door knobs for sale, but they're made of gemstones or something insane. And even though you're paying top price, the items they have for sale look like they're used. Which is definitely a trend, but also thrift stores exist.

Rustic, reclaimed and antique are some buzzwords really dominating the overall culture of design and decor right now. And I'm entertaining the theory that Anthropologie started this fad because they're in cahoots with a local landfill that was running out of room. I think they just took the extra garbage that the dump couldn't accommodate, styled it with clean linens, put a price tag on it,  immediately tripled that price, and then put it up for sale at their store.

Here's what I'm talking about. I found all these items on Anthropologie.com, not sitting on the street outside my apartment complex waiting to be hauled away like you probably thought. 

side note: one time there was legitimately an old toilet sitting in front of my apartment complex for over a month. I'm also looking for a new apartment so if anyone knows of anything...

1. Gatehouse Storage Baskets - $288.00 for 5

I mean you can literally find like 50 of these in my grandma's basement. 

2. Petrified Wood Bookends - $128.00

Someone found some old wood and convinced someone else that it would be worth $128 dollars if you chop it up and put some books in between the pieces.

3. Hooped Linen Chandelier - $398.00 - $598.00


I made something that looked like this once when I was 12. It was pretty simple. I just bent a few wire hangers together and then took an old burlap bag that originally held potatoes and just tossed it on top. Only I didn't get $600 dollars for it. I got grounded for bending all the wire hangers in the house and for making our potatoes homeless.

4. Souk Modular Corner Chair - $998.00

This chair is maybe cool? Only because it looks like giant origami. But it costs more than my rent which feels like it might be a crime.

5. Burnished Wood Console - $498.00

This was just blatantly stolen from an old pioneer church. 

6. West Village Corrugated Can - $148.00

Oh and this is just an actual garbage can that you can find in the back of an alley in any major city. But if you're too lazy to go outside just order one online for the cheap price of $148 dollars. Which is double what the majority of american's make in a single day of work. Plus it's a dirty old trash can. I would love to meet the kind of person that buys this so I can ask them, "what will you use it for?" It's too expensive to put actual trash in, but it's so ugly and dirty looking that I don't think anything besides trash belongs in there.

So yeah, those are some things Anthropologie definitely shouldn't be selling and that you definitely shouldn't be buying. If you've got the budget to shop there go buy those gemstone door knobs cause those are kind of neat and at least are pretty. Oh and if you were wondering, buying all the above items would cost you $2,723.95. Which is more than I paid for my first car.

For the record Anthropologie actually has cute stuff and I am (obviously) in no way affiliated with them. I mean definitely not after this post. Also you can buy whatever you want and spend your money on whatever you want. I'm not your boss.