Family Reunion: Surprisingly Not a Horror Story

My Grandma had her 80th birthday this weekend, and a couple of months ago she invited the whole family to her home to celebrate.  Due to the nature of freelance work, it's hard for me to plan vacations. I never know when my next job is going to be, so I rarely schedule a vacation in advance. It's just too risky to pay for a plane ticket in the off chance that the job of a lifetime will come up and I have to take it. It was devastating to realize that I wouldn't be able to make the trip to see my grandmother on her 80th birthday.

But things managed to work themselves out. And next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Seattle. But, I'm a little trickster sometimes, so I told my dad and my brother that I wouldn't be joining them for my Grandma's birthday but when they came to pick up my sister at the airport, I was standing right next to her with my luggage. It was fun to surprise them. Although I have my suspicions that my brother knew I would be showing up, I've played that trick before.

After we packed all of our luggage into the bed of my dad's truck we headed east towards my grand parent's house. So let me clarify. 5 people and 1 dog crammed into a truck. For 2.5 hours. What could possibly go wrong?!

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