6 Things You Definitely Don't Need From Anthropologie

Look, I get it. Having expensive things makes you feel glamorous. And we all work hard so sometimes a little splurge is deserved.

I've impulse bought some things that probably weren't worth the money I spent. Like that Kate Spade mug I purchased just because it said the word cake on it. Or the 8 jars of flavored, artisan peanut butter that I absolutely had to have but haven't touched in 3 months. Or my gym membership. R.I.P beach bod. So I understand. I've been there. I mean, not the gym. I haven't been there in like 7 months.

Due to my desire to pay to feed myself, I'm limited to only window shopping at stores like Free People and Bloomingdales. And definitely at Anthroplogie, a rather pricey clothing and home store. I'm happy I can't justify spending money there because I think they have some very beautiful pieces and their online styling is lovely. But if you take a really good look at their merchandise you kind of start to realize that shopping at Anthropologie is essentially like shopping at a very expensive garage sale. Like they've got bins of door knobs for sale, but they're made of gemstones or something insane. And even though you're paying top price, the items they have for sale look like they're used.

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