For a more detailed look as to why I started the week of writing prompts, check out this blog post!

Sugar & Satire's Week of Writing Prompts - 2016

1. Find the prompt for the day and write! Don't over think it, just put your thoughts down onto paper or onto a computer screen. I'll be posting a new essay based on the prompt each day, so if you're stuck you can read my essay for inspiration.

2. Read it. Don't you feel awesome? You just wrote a thing and you should be proud!

3. Share it, if you're comfortable. 

  • Comment on this page, or on the page of the essay I wrote for that prompt
  • Post about it on social media using #weekofwritingprompts
  • Email it to me! I can't promise I'll respond to every email, but I will read everything. I can be reached at sugarandsatireblog [at] gmail [dot} com, 

I can't wait to read what you write, and I can't wait to see how we all grow together at the end of the week!


 What's your happiest memory? Describe it in detail, what made you so happy? What makes this memory stand out compared to other memories?

My essay: Running for My Life


Today is the big day, the one you've been waiting for. What's happening? How do you feel? OR How do you find comfort?

My essay: Finding Comfort in J-World


It's time to confront something you're scared of. Take something you fear,  now personify that thing and take it out to dinner. It's time for you to finally tell "that thing" how you feel. OR Imagine that you grew up in a world with only sunshine. One day you wake up and it's raining. How do you react? What are your thoughts?

My Essay: Dinner with the Enemy


Write about something that bothers you. It can be something trivial, or something much larger. Can you stop this thing from happening? Why or why not? Why does it bother you? 

My Essay: Being Bothered


What's your most prized possession? Why is it so important to you? Where do you keep it? 

My Essay: A Stream of Consciousness About My Stand Mixer